Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Blog: OPEN!

I posted my first post on my new blog yesterday, so check it out! This is the last time I will be posting here, so check out my other blog! Thanks (:


Sunday, December 29, 2013

New Blog, See You There!

Hey guys, I started a new blog and that is where I will be posting for now on. I also have a new email- My new blog is- I don't have any posts yet; my first post will be on New Years. I'm starting fresh and I will be continuing my journey on that blog. I've been blogging for almost 2 years now and I want to thank the people that have been there for me from the beginning. I'm hoping this new blog will be a success, and I will see you there! I will be emailing some of you about it, but this is officially the first release of my new blog. I've kept it a secret until the design was done, but I think you should check it out now! (:

See you on my new blog, farewell to this blog...


Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Today my family came over for breakfast and we opened gifts. Here are a few things I got-

A Justin Bieber 2014 Calendar
An iHome
A PINK Perfume Set
And money

With my money I have ordered some clothes from Hollister!

What did you get/are getting for Christmas?

Last night I went to church for the Christmas Eve ceremony. I was really great! :)

I hope you guys are enjoying your holiday!

I will see you on New Years.

I'm thinking of changing my blog address and starting all over for the new year!

Hope you are enjoying your day!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve!

Hey. So today is Christmas Eve. I'm super excited for tomorrow!
I decided to post here.
I'm going to try something new.

After New Years, I will try to post 1-2 times a week. And maybe more some weeks.

I am going to be committed to this blog more now in the new year.

That is all I wanted to say, see you maybe tomorrow, and then January 1st.

Merry Early Christmas!

xoxo, Alyssa

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Today's My Birthday!

Hey guys! Today is my birthday! I'm really sorry this is a quick post. I don't really have anything to post or talk about. Anyway, today is my birthday. Later I'm going shopping, and then having a party! Well, bye!

Friday, November 1, 2013

I'm very stupid

Wow like why haven't I posted!?!?! Holy cow, a month. I'm so sorry I know I say this every time. I literally just forget about this blog. :/

Well my birthday is in like 9 days. YAAYYYYY

Ok well I just felt like something on here. I don't know when my next post will be because I don't think anyone reads these anyway.

lol bye

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A Girl's Guide to... Friends and Ex-Friends: Part 2

Part 2!

Real friends are there for you. Real friends are honest, trust worthy, kind. Fake friends ignore you sometimes. They don't want to tell you everything you may deserve to know. 

Let's say there was a situation between you and one of your best friends. Maybe you had a fight. If you feel like you can't talk it out then don't. It depends on the situation or what the fight was about. If it's really serious, no one should force you to be friends with them. If you don't like someone, you don't have to be friends with them.

Really, most of the time it's common sense. You decide what's right!

If someone is overreacting about something, they most likely want attention and want you or someone else to be proven wrong. 

This was a short post but that's all there really is to say. If you have any requests for posts, comment below!

Also, have any of you gotten IOS7? I got it and I love it! :)

Jusqu'à la prochaine fois,

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A Girl's Guide to... Friends and Ex-Friends

Friends.. They can be a great thing. Can.

Friends aren't always who you think they are. Don't be afraid to loose a friend. You will gain new friends that care more about you. Don't be afraid to stop being friends with someone either. Not just for no reason. But if a person that is your "friend" isn't really being a friend, then don't be friends with them. Focus on the people that care about you more than the rude "friends" that make fun of you. 

Sometimes taking a break from your friends is a good thing. I do that all the time. They think I'm weird, but I don't care because I'm just helping myself. I would definitely say that not all my friends are real friends. Some of my "friends" call me names, make fun of me, mess with me, etc. I know it's just for fun but honestly, it gets annoying. Like today at school, they were being super rude. So I took a break and didn't sit with them at lunch. I sat with another girl who has always been there to support me and help me. I tell her everything, and it's really nice to be able to have someone to lean on when you need help.

Choosing the right friends is a hard thing. Sometimes you don't know who people really are until you're friends with them. That's just one of the hard things about life. 

Pretending to be someones friend isn't good either. It makes me mad when someone pretends to be my friend, because I can tell. 

If you have a best friend and you feel like you are falling apart, talk it out. Not to another person, but to the person themselves. Talking about people behind their backs may be fun to do, but when someone does it to you, it's not very fun. It's never fun, so don't do it in the first place. It will ruin your relationship with anyone.

I have a lot of guy friends. They are have less drama. When I'm not getting along with my friends, I sometimes just talk to the guys. They're there for you. Guys might not completely understand your situation, but if you talk to them, it helps.

Part 2 coming later! :)

Jusqu'à la prochaine fois,

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A Girl's Guide to..

Welcome to my new series, "A Girl's Guide to...". Twice a week I will have a post up within this series.

This post series is meant for tween-teen girls. I will be giving some advice to help some of you, and also tell you about some of my experiences. I still will be posting other things beside this series, but this series will be my main focus right now! 

I'm not saying that I'm an expert or anything on all the subjects. I'm probably younger than most of you. You don't have to listen to me if you don't want to. I'm just here to help! Here are a few of the subjects we'll be going over.

Friends and Ex-Friends
Middle School
Social Lives

Some posts may have several parts. I hope you all enjoy this series! The first post will be up tomorrow!

Jusqu'à la prochaine fois,

Saturday, August 31, 2013

more posts?

Hey everyone. I know it's been a while. I'm sorry! I started school last week, Aug. 21. I've been super busy. I know, lame excuse. I already have homework every night.

Anywho, I have a few updates I wanted to talk about. 

I have the Blogger app on my phone (which I'm using right now) and I really like it, so I think I will post from this app more. Mainly because I don't have much time to get on my computer, but I always have my phone with me. :)

So about moving updates? As far as that goes, not much has happened. Some people have looked at out house in private showings. One family looked at it a few days ago, and they said they really liked it and they might put an offer on it. That means we really have to make up our mind about moving within our city our moving out of state, which we've always wanted to do. My parents really like North Carolina, which is we would move out of state, and my dad really would like a new job. It's an idea we are considering. Since school has started, if we moved I would have to move in the middle of the year or so. My plan is: if we do move before next year, I will probably just do online school for the rest of the year, and then go to the actual school the next year. I just don't like the idea of transferring after school has started. Maybe it's just me, but that's how I feel! 

Our other option is to stay in our city, which I have talked about in other posts. 

I guess that's all I wanted to say. Sorry this was boring. I will have other posts soon, but I just wanted to put this up to let you know I'm still here and a little bit about what's going on. 

Jusqu'à la prochaine fois,

Sunday, August 18, 2013


I am so mad. I don't even know what happened.

You know my YouTube Channel, right? Well I went on there, and all my videos were gone.

I don't know what happened. I haven't been on there in a while.

I only had a few videos though, but I had like 90 subs, which meant a lot to me.

I made a new channel to start fresh. It's called BeautyGuruGirlxo. Please check it out, share, subscribe, comment, like, anything. I really need help to get my subs back. I just put up a back to school video, so you should definitely check it out. It would mean a lot!

I guess that's all I wanted to say. Thanks!


Thursday, August 15, 2013

20 random facts.

Ello readers, today I thought I would do the 20 Random Facts About Me TAG!

Comment below if you do this tag. It's a great way for your followers to get to know you.

Let's get started!

1. I like a lot of milk in my cereal.

2. I like ice in my milk.

3. I like milk in my ice cream.

4. When I was little, I fell and cracked my head open. Now I have a scar right in the middle of my forehead.

5. I got my first phone in Kindergarten because I accidentally rode the bus to another school and I didn't
know where I was.

6. When I was younger, we were moving, and a family was about to come look at our house, so we had to leave. Before we left, I wrote a note that said "Did you like my room? Check yes or no". They said yes and then bought our house. :)

7. I have a really awkward fear of paper cuts.

8. I hate the sound of pencils squeaking, nails on a chalkboard, those kind of sounds make me shiver just thinking about them.

9. When I was little I had a Scooby Doo jewelry box. Every year I would some how loose it, and then I would ask for it for Christmas. I ended up getting one every year because I kept loosing it, but then one year I didn't loose it.

10. My grandparents' own a private campground, and I love to go down there. I'm going there next week!

11. One time I had a dream that Barney came out of my closet and started attacking me.

12. When I was little, I loved sleeping in my sisters room because she had a water bed.

13. When I was 5ish, I wanted to play soccer really bad, but there wasn't a team for me. So I got knee pads that are supposed to be used for roller skating, and I put them on along with really tall socks so it looked like I had shin pads. I played soccer in my yard until I got too hot. I'm weird.

14. One time in my old neighborhood, there was this new little kid. He came over to my house and tried to play with me and my friend. I yelled at him and I was really mean to him and he ran away crying! Then later on I learned that he was my best friend's cousin...

15. In 5th grade I started going out with this boy. We didn't even do anything but text, and we were too scared to talk to each other. We broke up and now he's my best friend and I tell him everything. Weird right?

16. A few years ago my sister forced me to ride a ton of roller coasters. I didn't really like them but she made me ride so many that I got used to it, and now I love roller coasters.

17. I have a boat, and we keep it up at Lake Erie. There's a park there called Cedar Point and we go there all the time and ride roller coasters. Every week!

18. 3 years ago, I didn't want to switch schools, so my dad said if I switched schools, he would buy me an iPad! I got it but my brother took over and says it's his.

19. I check my email literally every 5 seconds.

20. I'm really really excited for school to start! I start the 21st, what about you?

Hope you enjoyed! Thanks for reading!! I hope you do this tag! I tag everyone to do this, if you wanna.

Jusqu'à la prochaine fois,