Wednesday, July 10, 2013

ahh. staying home.

Do you like staying home alone? It has it's pros, it has it's cons. Sometimes it scares me, yet sometimes I feel as if I have freedom.

I'm not even being realistic. I never stay home alone. But I do stay home with my brother a LOT. Around 4-5 times a week.

Staying home without supervision. There, that's how I'll word it.

The scary part about it? People could come knocking at your door, breaking in, sneaking up at you, it scares me. I don't know why. I don't like people I don't know just approaching me alone. I know not to answer the door, but if someone's there in the first place, it makes me uncomfortable.

I'm home alone right now so if anyone wants to Kik me or email me, that would be awesome. Lol.

Kik is a messaging app, you can download it, then message me personally. My username is alyssar84, just start a message with me and we can chat!

     Jusqu'à la prochaine fois,


  1. I agree. I usually like staying home alone, and I will be a lot this summer. In the fall and winter I stay home a lot with my brother, but during the spring, I am home alone more often. It's fun to do things I don't like to do in front of people, but after a while I sometimes get lonely or bored if I don't have much to do.

  2. I agree. I usually enjoy being home alone, so I can read, sing, and do stuff on the computer. But other times, I just get so lonely. :)

  3. Yeah, I usually like it, but it does get pretty lonely.


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