Tuesday, July 9, 2013


I might be moving. Probably not out of state, we would stay in our school district. As a matter of fact, we actually have been looking at a house in a neighborhood. It's a nice house. It's currently being built, but most of the major building is finished. The roof is on, cement is poured, etc. It's a ranch, which means it's one floor, but the whole house is nice and open. But I shouldn't get my hopes up, because my house isn't even up for sale yet!

Anyway, that could mean lack of posts, but definitely not for a while.

I just wanted to give you that quick update. What do you think?

     Jusqu'à la prochaine fois,

P.S - That means "until next time" in French!

1 comment:

  1. Your maybe-new house sounds cool! I've never moved before. :)
    Oooh cool, I'm learning French too! Although I had no idea what that meant until you said so. :P I just started last year.


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